Normandy lace is made of many different lace samples and techniques. They are pieced together like a patchwork quilt. Valenciennes laces are often used as connective laces within the pattern. Normandy lace evolved as a way of saving lace. Most of the lace is from remnants of precious lace that are too valuable to just discard. There are usually also fine examples of whitework worked into the patterns of Normandy lace. These are often heavily embroidered pieces done on fine hanky linen. These whitework circles came originally from the round backs of the nightcaps of the time. The use of the cap backs was again a way of preserving hand work and reusing it to create new pieces. Normandy lace is now one of the most sought after laces, and because of its patchwork nature, is a wonderful way to acquire samples of many different hand made lace techniques.